The project has made progress in the last quarter as our partnership with NPHCDA, and NGF has grown stronger and we have been able to make consensus and collaborate on a lot of issues. Some of the key activities in the last quarter towards achieving the objectives of the project are outlined below:

  1. Meetings & Collaborations with BMGF and NGF

BMGF 2 days annual Partners meeting held this quarter, our participation gave us more insight into Federal Government priorities in key sectors like health, agriculture and social protection over the short, medium and long term; it also provided an opportunity to interact, identify and network with other Gates grantees working in the health and advocacy space for future collaboration.

We have worked tirelessly to enhance our collaboration with NGF especially with the embedded consultant and Health specialist. We supported the NGF in the planning and organizing of the workshop on the implementation of PHCUOR policy for Executive Secretaries (ESs) of State Primary Health Care Agencies/Boards. This was attended by the 37 ESs of the 36 states plus FCT and also the Zonal Directors. This enabled us to engage with the ESs on PHC strategy for the country, share updates on PHCUOR implementation status and the lessons learned thus far.

One of the key achievements of the workshop was the identification of advocacy issues to be followed up by the NGF secretariat, and the enhanced collaborative skills of the NGF team to partner with other development organisations.

We also supported the NGF team in the development of their work plan and M&E framework. The embedded consultant has begun engagement with the governors to discuss PHCUOR issues.

  1. Strategic Partnership with NPHCDA

We were able to finalise the advocacy tool development this quarter in collaboration with NPHCDA and other stakeholders. The kits have been printed and currently been distributed. As a member of the Score card sub-committee we actively participated in the revision of tools and development of guidelines for the implementation of the score card 3.

NHED also participated in the 2-day retreat organized by NPHCDA in Kaduna to deepen understanding of the PHC system in Nigeria and also to discuss the role of strengthening the community health system. The retreats further strengthened our engagement with other stakeholders in the PHCUOR space.

During one of the National steering committee meetings in NPHCDA
Dr Emmanuel Sokpo, Country Director and  Dr  Sule Shehu, chairman NHED presenting the Advocacy kits to Dr Shuaib Faisal, ED, NPHCDA
  1. Participation in Key PHCUOR/PHC system events

Our technical and advocacy experts met with key persons in FMOH and NPHCDA respectively to discuss the thorny issues of misunderstanding between the FMOH and the NPHCDA in order to reach amicable consensus on each other’s roles on the management of the Basic Health Care Pool Fund (BHCPF).

  1. Collaboration with other programs

PHC-RSG (PHC Revitalization support group, an advocacy pressure group with membership from CSOs and the Health Committees in the National Assembly), which NHED is a member of, met and paid an advocacy visit to the Hon. Minister of Health to push for PHCUOR implementation targeting a focus on revitalization of One Facility per Ward approach and use of the Basic Health Care Provision Fund and he also assure the group of his commitment to the revitalization of the PHC and PHCUOR implementation.

In our quest to ensure sustained advocacy for PHCUOR, we have continued to participate in high level meetings. For instance, we participated in the 2nd meeting of Commissioners of Health Forum of the six MNCH2 supported States. The meeting was aimed at forging a united front and identifying practicable approaches in the efforts to reduce the huge burden of maternal deaths and poor child survival, strengthen the health systems and empower communities across the program States and in the region. The meeting provided an opportunity to share experiences on best practices regarding PHC Governance, Sustainable Health Financing, partner coordination, human resource management, optimizing opportunities for accessing funds from SOML and innovative solutions like Performance Based Financing. The meeting resolved to advocate to the Northern Governors’ Forum, NGF and the national and State legislators to support and canvass for full implementation of PHCUOR with special attention on repositioning, funds transfer and establishment of Governing Boards. States are to conduct partner mapping and enforce all partners to align their support with States’ plans