We provide robust advocacy strategies to engage decision-makers, support policy formulation and uptake and influence the implementation of behaviour change initiatives.

Leadership, Governance, Policy, and Planning.

We design corporate and fiscal structures to support state and non-state actors in delivering their mandates.

Human Resource for Health

Leveraging our competencies in strategy, research, evaluation, and field implementation in public health, we build the capacities of middle-level managers who deliver public health services, especially at the local level. 

Health Information Management

We support the collation, analysis and visualisation of health information data to support the planning and delivery of critical interventions across the public health space.

Performance Management

We have developed systems to support the objective evaluation of policies and interventions. Our work in this area ensures that we drive evidence-informed ideas.

Health Systems Research

With a solid foundation and years of experience in public health research, we extract accurate data to serve as evidence for the interventions we propose. 

Health Service Delivery

We support interventions across a range of public health services, including maternal, neonatal, and child health (MNCH), non-communicable diseases (NCDs), eradication of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), etc. We distribute important medication and treatment to affected communities.


Our work in the nutrition space has seen us provide support to improve nutritional status through supplementation and education that result in changes in knowledge, attitudes, and practices, especially among women and children, poor and vulnerable households.

Program Management and Implementation

Our bespoke programme design and delivery protocols allow our clients and partners to achieve projects on time, within budget and scope. This is driven by our unrivaled knowledge of the communities we serve.