NHED and other partners implementing Nigeria Advocacy for Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) project organized a one-day Workshop on the 25th April 2019 for the validation and dissemination of the Project Baseline Assessment result in Kano. In attendance, were key nutrition stakeholders from the nine States where the assessment took place, media personnel, and civil society organization representatives from the nine States.

The Workshop was quite interactive and gave the opportunity for States to validate the results and enabled CIFF partners to start strategic engagement with the State nutrition Officers before post-election activities commence. There was also active media coverage from the print and electronic media.

The Key next steps from the meeting are:

  1. Collection all inputs from the states
  2. Finalization of the Main Report
  3. Engagement of the states by the four [4] partners to develop plan of action
  4. Compilation of the Contact and profile of state nutrition officers for references
  5. Develop a platform for communication and engagement
  6. Implementations of the recommendation

State team to share information on any contentious issues for possible advocacy.