The management and staff of NHED-ANRiN’s project and its consortium partners conducted a 10-day field orientation and training for its Community Volunteers & Health Facility Workers in Jos.

The representatives of the consortium steering committee of NHED-ANRiN Consortium gave opening remarks about why the consortium was formed and its objectives. The first day of the 3-day orientation & training activities had two sessions for every batch of Community Volunteer; in the first session the Community Volunteers received introductory lectures on the ANRiN Project, Project Area, Basic Package of Nutrition Services and Beneficiary Listing/Introduction to the ANRiN app occurred on the last session.

Day 3 – On the final day of the rollout, the CVs & HFWs went out for field training with their supervisors and NHED staff, to enhance their understanding of the usage of the ANRiN Mobile app for beneficiary enrollment and BPNS delivery.