Once upon a time in Baure, a village in Makwangiji ward of Awe LGA, a precious soul named Fatima Suleiman came into the world on 27th December 2020. At 19 months old, in August 2022, her life took a challenging turn when she fell victim to diarrhea and worm infestation, causing her to lose her appetite, become feeble, and constantly irritable. The once vibrant and energetic child lost a significant amount of weight, her health deteriorated, and she was on the brink of severe malnutrition.

Fatima Suleiman – Before The Intervention

But hope was not far away. The ANRiN (Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria) Community Volunteers heard about Fatima’s plight and swiftly came to her aid. They engaged her worried mother in a compassionate counseling session, realizing that Fatima urgently required the ANRiN Basic Package of Nutrition Services (BPNS) to save her from this dire situation.

With determination and care, Fatima was enrolled in the intervention program and provided with essential supplements, including Vitamin A, Deworming tablets, MNP (Multiple Micronutrient Powder), and Zinc/ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution). Additionally, her devoted mother was thoroughly counseled on how to administer these vital supplements hygienically. The ANRiN Community Volunteers promised to keep a close eye on her progress and assured her mother of continuous support.

As the days passed and follow-up visits were made, the transformation in little Fatima was nothing short of miraculous. The ANRiN Community Volunteers were amazed at the sight of a plump, healthy, and joyful child. Fatima had regained her appetite and took an active interest in her surroundings, exuding happiness and vitality. The sunken eyes, bulging stomach, and puffy cheeks were replaced by a radiant glow, while her limbs grew stronger and more robust.

The impact of this intervention extended beyond Fatima and her family. As similar success stories emerged across the LGAs of implementation by NHED, the state of Nasarawa experienced overall improved health outcomes for women and children. This significant progress resulted in enhanced quality of life and increased productivity. The reduction in nutrition-related diseases led to a healthier population and fewer instances of morbidity and mortality.

Fatima’s journey from weakness and despair to vibrant health and happiness serves as a testament to the power of nutrition intervention and the dedication of ANRiN Community Volunteers. Their unwavering commitment to improving lives has not only saved one child but contributed to the well-being of an entire community, setting a shining example for the entire state and beyond.

In this tale of triumph, Fatima’s bright smile stands as a reminder that with compassion, knowledge, and cooperation, we can bring about transformative change and create a healthier, happier world for all.