NETWORK FOR HEALTH EQUITY AND DEVELOPMENT (NHED)  created to serve as alternative business platform to provide international level technical assistance in Health and Development in Nigeria, particularly in markets restricted to only indigenous organizations.  As an affiliate of  Health Partners International (HPI), both companies have a signed agreement with HPI to purchase and utilize all her standards for financial and support services.

GUIDING Principles

Building Sustainable Capacity

NHED Consortium will strengthen the capacity of Nigerians to develop local responses to critical needs.

Establishing Partnerships

NHED Consortium will pursue partnerships with governments, foundations, nongovernmental organizations, faith­-based groups, and businesses to maximize impact.

Ensuring Quality

NHED Consortium will continuously ensure quality by defining standards, measuring performance, and applying results in order to exceed expectations.

Sharing Knowledge

NHED Consortium will lead scientific research and program innovation, and share findings, tools, and approaches with stakeholders at all levels.


To become the leading, truly indigenous collection of committed professionals implementing reliable and effective home-grown health/health related solutions in Nigeria.


To contribute significantly to the transformation of the Nigerian health sector drawing on local knowledge and expertise while recognizing international norms and best practices.

CORE Values



We shall strive at all times to design and implement programs that recognize and address to the maximum degree possible, all issues that help guarantee the equality of all persons irrespective of origins, gender or social status.



Irrespective of whatever challenges we may have to face, commit to producing and implementing programs and solutions to the highest standards possible.


People Centred programs

What will benefit the best interests of the people that we serve, will always guide all our thoughts and actions.


Transparency and Accountability

Shall at all times maintain open and robust systems for programmatic and financial accountability.



We shall not rely solely on replicating “proven” interventions, but shall always through evaluation and research, promote the introduction of new methods, techniques, and products that will lead to continued improvement of our services.



Our work will always project a positive image for Nigeria and we will never accept assignments that puts our country’s image or future at risk.